Papers can be submitted in Turkish, English or Arabic.

Abstracts must contain at least 150 and at most 300 words. 3-5 keywords must be written after the abstract.

Papers must include a study that has not been published anywhere before and that addresses the subjects determined by the congress.

To submit abstract, it is necessary to use the abstract submission system on our website. For this, the author must register first and the abstract must be uploaded to the system after registration.

The time allocated for the presentation of each paper in the congress is 15 minutes. In addition, at least 5 minutes will be allocated for the question and discussion sections.

Abstracts will be evaluated by the referees within 3 weeks from the date of submission and feedback will be given to the authors. For the papers accepted by the referees, an acceptance letter will be sent to the participants through their own systems.

Each participant will be able to present a maximum of two papers with one congress participation fee.

The co-authors of the papers who will not attend the congress must also pay the additional author fee. Otherwise, their names will be removed from the relevant studies and participation certificates will not be issued to their names.