Prof. Dr. Özcan GÜNGÖR – Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

Prof. Dr. Selma YEL – Gazi University

Prof. Dr. Yakup CİVELEK – Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University

Assoc. Dr. Eylem GÜZEL – Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University

Assoc. Dr. Güven Arıklı Cyprus Science University

Assoc. Dr. İrade Mammadova – Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Mahmud KADDUM-Bartın Üniversity


The “Award Evaluation Board” appointed by the presidents of the organizing committee will determine the aforementioned awards based on the abstracts sent and detailed CVs.

The awards will be given in three different categories, each category may include 1- 3 people, determined by the board.

It is required to be 40 years or older for the Researcher of the Year Award.

It is required to be 40 years or younger for the Young Researcher of the Year Award.

Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions will be given based on the citations of the researcher receives in their field of study.

For the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions, the board will evaluate in what ways the submitted abstract contribute to the field.

All award recipients are required to send a CV showing their academic performance of the last year (2020).

These awards will be given to those attending the congress. Those who do not attend the congress are deemed to have waived their rights.

Except for the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions, awards in all other categories cannot be awarded to the same person for two consecutive years.