Dear Valuable Scientists,

The 7th INCSOS International Congress of Social Sciences will be held on 2-3-4 June 2022 in Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has an important place in the common culture of the Turkish world.

Held in Malaga, Jerusalem, Bukhara, Romania, Skopje and Ankara before, INCSOS, is held regularly in cities and countries that have the quality of a cultural code.

The 7th INCSOS will be organized under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞENTOP, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and Prof. Dr. Sahibe GAFAROVA, the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the cooperation of the International Balkan University Skopje/MAKEDONIA and cooperation with the Azerbaijan ADA University, by focusing on issues such as the liberation of Karabakh from occupation and the Khojaly massacre.

The 7th INCSOS (International Congress of Social Sciences) is a congress where academic concerns are at the forefront and without compromising these, it aims to contribute to the academy and the work of scientist at a high level with the interactions that will occur at the symposium. For this purpose, congresses were held in Andalusia, Jerusalem, Bukhara, Romania, Skopje and Ankara, which were important touchstones in the Turkish cultural world in previous years, where hundreds of academics came together and presented their studies in the field of social sciences. Our ultimate goal is to increase cooperation between universities and countries by organizing an international congress covering a wide range of scientific subjects, to ensure the representation of scientific studies produced by Azerbaijani and Turkish academics abroad and to contribute to science on this occasion.

At INCSOS, it is our main goal to bring our brotherhood to a higher level in all fields of social sciences by bringing together the academic community of Azerbaijan, where we act with the motto of “Two States, One Nation” and academics in Turkey. Besides, the congress will be open to the Social Sciences community from all over the world. Moreover, well-planned scientific and social trips will be made to introduce the area. It is aimed that the scientists who will take place in the congress will be able to create new perspectives on their own fields by seeing the historical, cultural and religious places of Azerbaijan.

In the first phase of the congress, the papers accepted through the double-blind referee process will be presented. In the second phase, historical and sacred places of Azerbaijan and Karabakh region will be visited. In the third phase, a book containing the full texts of the papers presented at the congress, pictures of the congress and the region will be prepared and presented to the attention of those concerned both in print and online, as a special issue in the journals scanned by international indexes.

Papers in Azerbaijan Turkish, Turkey Turkish and English can be presented.

Simultaneous translations will be made during the congress.

By organizing an international congress in Azerbaijan;

1-To reveal the effect of Azerbaijan and Karabakh basin on our culture and scientific studies,

2-To enable the scientists who will participate in the congress to see the historical, cultural and religious places of Azerbaijan and create new perspectives on their own fields,

3-To hold synchronous symposiums in a wide framework covering the fields of Religion, Society, History, Art, Philosophy, Behaviour, Health, Informatics, Economy, Law, Politics, Education, Language and Literature,

4-To bring the researchers working in Turkey and Azerbaijan together and on this occasion; to bring the two groups together and, in this way, to act as a bridge for Azerbaijani academics to open up to the world, and besides, to benefit from their experiences,

5-To establish a scientific bridge between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and to establish relations between countries on a solid and sustainable basis with academic environment and scientific production,

6-To be able to take researchers who serve Turkish science to places that are difficult to go alone and that have traces of our culture and tradition,

7-To pave the way for new studies to be made based on the scientific studies to be presented and to bring the papers on special issues to the publishing world after the congress,

8-To present awards to the owners of scientific studies whose contribution will be evaluated by a committee and praising these studies,

9-Our main objectives can be listed as strengthening the academic relations between the region and our country by traditionalizing this congress, which will be held in places that are important for Turkish social science.

Karabakh was chosen as a special file in this congress, which will be open to all fields of social sciences. Also, historical cities such as Shusha and Fuzuli, and subjects such as the Khojaly Massacre are planned to be examined in a special file.